Jack’s first game – ever

Jack's first game - ever

September 17, 2013.

Cooper Patriots travelled to Rockwall Heath Junior High to take on the Mustangs.

Typical of most 7th grade football games, both teams ran the ball nearly every down. In fact, I only counted 3 passes thrown during the whole game for the Cooper Patriots. Two of those three went to Jack.

The first was a bubble route, as Jack calls them. He starts in the slot, then heads towards the sideline where he catches the ball and turns to head down field. By design, if he were to get tackled where he caught the ball, it would be a catch for no gain, so it’s up to the receiver to make the catch and then get yards.  Jack was able to make the catch, turn downfield and prance for 10 yards. Enough for a Cooper first down.

Two plays later, the QB threw another bubble route pass to Jack, only this time he evade a few opponents and turned in a 20 yard run after the catch.

What followed was a series of plays that illustrated the teams lack of experience. A few fumbles later and quite a few missed opportunities on defense led to a loss in that first game, but Jack shined.


• Most catches by a single receiver: 2

• Most yards by a single receiver: 30

• Most yards after the catch: 30

Can’t wait to see his next game.


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